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Pigeon Protective Cream 50g

18,800 Ks


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PH Balanced
0% (Paraben,Formaldehyde and Alcohol)

Pigeon Newborn Pure Protective Cream builds on an increasing demand to preserve and strengthen a newborn’s skin barrier from birth, offering a crucial defence against harsh external conditions. Pigeon has now patented a unique technology that provides an additional moisturising boost for a newborn’s skin to do just that.

Pigeon Newborn Pure Protective Cream is designed to provide a hydration boost targeted at neglected areas such as the periphery of the lips, elbows, knees and other areas:

A non-sticky cream for delicate skin areas prone to dryness.
A velvety, comforting cream that provides instant relief to chapped and irritable skin caused by dryness.
The formula is further formulated with moisturising ingredients that mimic the natural coat of protection on baby’s skin at birth.
It has a dual moisturisation via Natulayer™, inspired by nature’s own moisturising layer found on baby’s skin in the mother’s womb. It offers the ultimate dual layer of moisturisation and protection important for those delicate other areas.
Suitable for face, hand and body.

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