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Baby Bright CC Vitamin C powder Pact 10g #21#23

14,600 Ks

Product Info

Unveil an unmatched glow with Baby Bright CC Vitamin C Powder Pact that offers full-coverage and matte formula with extra soft, smooth, and blendable finish that doesn't feel heavy on your skin. Rich in vitamin B3, vitamin C, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Hyaluronic acid to reduce dullness, spots while toning up complexion and shrinking pores, this powder features Anti-Pollution innovation that shields against environmental aggressors such as dust and pollutant, including preventing breakouts. It also helps revive dryness for healthy look and control sebum for up to 8 hours while being waterproof and sweat-proof to keep your face looking matte, fresh, and instantly bright without turning darker during the day!

How To Use

Open the cap and use a puff to pick up the right amount of product. Then, gently tab it all over your face and neck for smooth application. Apply more on the areas of concerns such as dark spots, redness, and pigmentation. Can be used for quick touch-ups on the go. Close the cap tightly after each use.

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