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Pigeon Pure Newborn Moisturization Lotion

21,300 Ks

Pigeon Newborn Pure Moisturising Lotion is part of the first premium newborn skincare series to include a dual moisturising property that mimics the natural layer of protection found on babies’ skin at birth.

This light refreshing lotion provides instant hydration for baby’s skin using Pigeon’s latest ground-breaking technology for soft and supple skin:

Enriched with moisturising ingredients that imitate a baby’s natural protective layer at birth.
Inspired by the naturally formed layer of protection found on a baby’s skin inside the mother’s womb,
Pigeon has specially developed a unique trademark formula called Natulayer™. This new technology
incorporates a dual moisturising benefit that protects the baby’s skin at its most vulnerable state, while
locking in much-needed moisture.
This light moisturiser spreads easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving radiant and healthy skin.

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