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Minannan Hair Cutter

7,800 Ks

- Mini design, portable and easy to carry when traveling.

- Low noise design, ultra-quiet, safe for baby, kids and women.

- This product is not only for children, but also for mom and dad. Men can use it to cut their beards and hair. Women can use it to remove hair from their body.

- USB cable, you can charge it with

- For men, it is perfect for contouring and fading.

- Profiled housing with high speed motor.

- Powerful magnetic motor works cool and quiet.

- High quality carbon steel blades specially hardened for long life.

- Ideal for trimming beards, whiskers and curbs around ears.

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Baby Hair Trimmer 0-12 Yrs

17,000 15,300 Ks 10% off