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Baby Bright Snail Gold Soothing Gel (50g)

6,500 Ks

"A gel serum that combines 2 values ​​of snail slime to help soothe dry skin.
Lack of nourishment, being hurt by sunlight. Reduce redness and dark spots
Let the skin return to be moist, smooth, clear, lively again, naturally With deep recovery with pure gold.
Gently stimulates the cell activity & makes the skin smooth and firm.
Restores youthfulness to the skin, can be applied all day long, not sticky."
Nourish facial and body skin. Pamper skin after getting the sunburn. Facial or body massage.
Apply on elbow,heel or any dry area. Nourish hands and nails. Damp cotton pad and use it as eye mask.
After hair removal soothing gel. Mix with foundation to make it easy to blend.

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