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Baby Bright Duo Bosster Dark Spot Serum & Aura Bright Gel Cream 6g+6g

5,900 Ks

"Product details

2 IN 1 complete set for beautiful skin Comes with both serum and cream in one sachet. To help reduce dull skin and dark spots to come back to be radiant with Dark Spot Serum that combines extracts of ginseng. Make the skin firm, firm and extremely moisturized. and the value of radish containing glycosides Helps reduce the appearance of freckles and dark spots with alpha arbutin Help reduce dark skin problems and make your skin white naturally with lemon extracts. And the best of nourishment with Spong Extract that has small molecules. but can help push nutrients into the skin deeper than ever And help the face feel tight, look healthy and Aura Bright Cream that combines pearl extracts. Make the skin smooth and wrinkles look shallow. with glutathione and vitamin C Make the skin clear to the max. Combined with Bulgarian rose extract and chamomile extract Helps the skin to be extremely hydrated. Make your skin smooth, bright, revealing new skin as you want."

"How to use

Points Cathy Doll Anti Acne Clear Gel Areas that need urgent care, points 1-3 times a day or as often as needed and points Cathy Doll Post Acne Spot Gel. Red-black area, morning and evening, to reduce scars and prevent the chance of acne scars. For good results should be used together to reduce the problem of acne repeat cycle.


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