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Baby Bright Day & night Mela Bright Set 6g+g6g

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"Product Info

2-in-1 facial skincare set for spotless and plump look. This item features 2% Arbutin Mela Bright Serum that pampers dull skin, lightens spots, minimizes freckles and melasma triggered by sun exposure*. The serum is rich in Ginseng extract to keep skin elastic and deeply hydrated, nourishing Chamomile flower to soothe skin, Alpha Arbutin and Cranberry extract to target discoloration for naturally bright skin. It also contains Brown Algae to shrink pores, along with supreme Sponge extract to boost skin absorption rate, resulting in firm and healthy complexion like never before. This set also consists of 12% B3 Mela Bright Day Cream that is enriched with extracts of Pearl and Cranberry to promote smooth skin while reducing the look of wrinkles**, together with brightening blend of Alpha Arbutin, vitamin E and B3 as well as Radish extract. Titanium Dioxide acts as a UV protector to shield the skin against UVA and UVB, revealing even, soft, and renewed skin you've always desired!"

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